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Well…..it’s been sometime since I have posted a new pregnancy update and even longer since I have posted about any sort of food.  Although the food posts will continue one of these days, the pregnancy posts have come to an end.  I am so excited to share with you all that we had TWO BOYS!!!  I’ll post a birth story (it was a crazy one) soon but I wanted to give you all a quick update on us.  The boys decided to join our world on March 5 (at only 33 weeks) and we have been smitten ever since.  They just couldn’t wait to get here.  The boys were admitted into the NICU and have been doing great!  Making progress every day!  They are now both off oxygen and starting to increase their bottle feedings which is great news!  Still no word on when they might be able to come home but that’s ok. We are on their schedule and learning a great deal of patience.  Oliver and Aiden would like to say hello to the blog world:

Oliver Thomas was born at 2:10pm, 4lbs 10oz, 19in long 

Aiden Douglas was born at 2:23pm, 5lbs 7oz, 19in long

Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!!  


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