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Well…..it’s been sometime since I have posted a new pregnancy update and even longer since I have posted about any sort of food.  Although the food posts will continue one of these days, the pregnancy posts have come to an end.  I am so excited to share with you all that we had TWO BOYS!!!  I’ll post a birth story (it was a crazy one) soon but I wanted to give you all a quick update on us.  The boys decided to join our world on March 5 (at only 33 weeks) and we have been smitten ever since.  They just couldn’t wait to get here.  The boys were admitted into the NICU and have been doing great!  Making progress every day!  They are now both off oxygen and starting to increase their bottle feedings which is great news!  Still no word on when they might be able to come home but that’s ok. We are on their schedule and learning a great deal of patience.  Oliver and Aiden would like to say hello to the blog world:

Oliver Thomas was born at 2:10pm, 4lbs 10oz, 19in long 

Aiden Douglas was born at 2:23pm, 5lbs 7oz, 19in long

Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!!  


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32 weeks, ya’ll!!  So excited to have reached this point.  4 more weeks until I am full term!  It’s getting real people, very very real!  The car seats are in the back and I am starting to make a list of what to pack for the hospital.  Next up, work on the play list.

I miss being in my kitchen so much!!  I can’t remember the last time I baked something and because of the heartburn even dinners are nothing exciting.  This weekend is free again so hopefully I can whip something up.  If you guys have any ideas of cookie combinations, brownies, or anything relatively simple let me know.  Thank you so much for sticking this out with me!  I do promise to be back…..

Check out the latest on the pregnancy!!

(picture is from 31 weeks)

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Can you believe that full term for twins is 36 weeks, which means we only have 6 weeks left!!  I’m really hoping to make it to 37-38 weeks but still….it’s getting close! So sorry for the lack of posts lately.  The weekends have been busy and I don’t have the energy once I get home from work to make anything.  We don’t have any plans this weekend, so I’m hoping to bring you guys a few things next week!  🙂  Hop on over to my Bites of Life section and read up on the latest…….

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New pregnancy entry on Bites of Life!!  I can’t believe the difference a few weeks makes.  Growing bump=growing babies!!


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I am adding a section to the blog called ‘Bites of Life’.  This page will host a more personal view of my life outside the kitchen.  There were so many times last summer that I wanted to share pictures with you guys but resisted because it didn’t “flow” with food.  Well, now that we have 2 little ones on the way, I have a feeling there will be many more tidbits to share and fun stories to tell.   Back in October I announced that we are expecting twins and I have been meaning to post some pictures of the growing belly.  It seems like ever since Christmas, each week I double in size.  Keep growing babies!!

Hope you guys enjoy the new section!!


How far along are you?  26 weeks (27 week on Monday)

Total Weight Gain:  24 pounds

How big are the babies?  2 lbs 2oz and 2 lbs 3 oz (as of Jan 12)

Maternity Clothes?  Most definitely.  I live in leggings and yoga pants when I can.

Sleep:  Getting increasingly difficult to get comfortable.

Food Cravings:  Still anything cold and/or fruity.  Ice cream, fro yo, ice chips, popsicles, fruit.  The colder the better.

Food Aversions:  No aversions but I am changing up what I eat slightly due to heartburn.  I really miss tomatoes!

Movement?  Tons!  At the last ultrasound we found out that both feet are up by my ribs on the right side.  They are constantly kicking each other and playing.  Atleast I like to think they are playing and not fighting already.  So cute!  They are most active after I eat.

Symptoms:  Terrible heartburn

Gender:  We are not finding out.  🙂

Belly Button In or Out?  Unfortunately it’s been out for some time.  I hope it goes back.

Labor Signs?  None yet.  I keep telling them to make themselves comfy because they have a ways to go.  Hopefully not having labor signs yet means they are listening.

What I miss?  Sleeping on my stomach.

What I am looking forward to?  This weekend I have two friends coming down to visit!  Can’t wait!!

Next appt:  Tues Jan 31st.  It’s the dreaded 1 hr glucose test.  Fingers crossed I pass, but I’m not feeling very hopeful.

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