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Baby Update – LONG OVERDUE

OA Tree 9 months BW

(Oliver / Aiden)

I wanted to share more Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk cookie pictures with you but my photog session was hijacked by these 2 cuties.  And then I got sidetracked by adorable babies sitting in front of a christmas tree…..

OA Tree 9 months

(Oliver / Aiden)

OA Tree 9 months2

So easily distracted (Oliver / Aiden)

OA Tree 9 months3

Well that didn’t last long (Oliver / Aiden)

OA Tree 9 months4

Away he goes (Oliver / Aiden)

OA Tree 9 months5

Future Food Photographer….this kid LOVES food already (Oliver)

There have been so many months I’ve wanted to write a baby post for you all.  Share pictures each month, tell you what they are doing, what my life is like day-to-day, etc…..but I’m lucky enough to even remember to take those month to month pictures.  Life was crazy for a while, a long while, like 7 months while and then something wonderful happened.  Naps started lasting longer (not that I don’t love playing with these boys but momma needs a break longer than 20 min sometimes), a schedule started to appear, and the boys are starting to entertain each other while I get some other stuff done.  Which in return frees up some time for my poor neglected blog.  Woop woop!!  I see baking in my very near future!!!!  🙂

Since I’ve been so bad about posting, I thought I would give you a recap of our last 9 months in pictures.  Sound good??!?

1 month old

Boys came home from the NICU when they were 3 1/2 weeks old.  Here they are at about 5 weeks

(Me / Aiden / Oliver / Brent)

5 weeks sleeping

Sleeping babies are so adorable – 6 weeks old (Oliver / Aiden)

First Mother's Day

Mother’s Day!!  (Aiden / Oliver)

Father's Day boat rideFather’s Day and the boys’ first boat ride! (Me / Aiden / Oliver / Brent)

Me and boys lakeFirst trip to Devil’s Lake, MI  (Oliver / Aiden)

Firecracker 7kOur first race in the BOB!  Firecracker 7k  (Oliver / Aiden)

My cousin made the race bibs, too cute!!

6 month6 months (Aiden / Oliver)

6 months

6 months (Oliver / Aiden)

Family lake picFirst Family Swim (Me / Aiden / Brent / Oliver)

Heart Health WalkHeart Health 5k…and it was freezing!!  (Aiden / Oliver)

OSU Jerseys

Ready for game day – Go Bucks!  (Aiden / Oliver)

HR Block Ribbon Cuting groupEnd of September we purchased 2 H& R Block locations and moved from NC to OH.  Ribbon cutting ceremony…it’s official!  Never thought I would be so excited for tax season.

HR Block Ribbon CuttingSo proud of Brent!  (Brent / Oliver / Aiden / Me)

OA 8 months Highchairs

Happy boys after their bottle  8 months(Aiden / Oliver)

Oliver 8 months

Oliver and his diaper rag – loves putting that thing on his head – 8 months

Aiden 8 months2Aiden helping me unfold all the clean laundry – 8 months

A tackling O 8 monthsAiden tackling Oliver

OA 9 Months BWBest friends already – 9 months (Oliver / Aiden)

OA Tree 9 months BW

So excited for our 1st christmas as a family!! (Oliver / Aiden)

Hope you enjoyed the picture roll!  As you can tell, the boys don’t miss a meal and they are strong and healthy!  You would never know they were 7 weeks early!  Weighing in at about 22 lbs each and finally starting to thin out now that they are army crawling around the house.  Who needs a gym membership, just get yourself a chunky baby or two.  🙂  ps….Can someone please point me in the direction of the “pause button”?  Life is going way to fast!

I hope to be gracing your computer screen often with either yummy food photos or adorable baby pics!!  Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season so far!  🙂


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Double the fun……

I know what you must be thinking.  It’s been 2 weeks since my post about no longer being MIA and there is still no delicious looking sugary treat up on this blog.  What is going on??  Well…..I have a confession to make.  I was not completely honest with you before.  I truly did have good intentions to get back in the kitchen but life has had other plans for me.  It’s been killing me keeping this from you all but I am excited to announce that we are expecting TWINS!!!  

I am almost thru my first trimester (13 wks on Monday) and our last ultrasound showed 2 healthy babies doing some miraculous growing in there.  Between the busy weekends and work, I’m usually eating or napping.  I feel like a kid myself right now.  I’ve had a  pretty good pregnancy so far that I keep all fingers crossed continues.  I’ve heard the 2nd trimester is like the “honeymoon” phase compared to the other two, so get your kitchen tools dusted off.  Let’s get back to baking!!

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